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    ATM Specialists
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    Cashflow Canada will supply, install and service ATM's in Saskatchewan
    with only the highest in quality service.

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Purchase an ATM for your business and unlock an unlimited revenue stream. We carry a number of models to suit your needs, and stand behind your purchase with our service and expertise.

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Not quite ready to purchase your own machine? We offer placement services with revenue sharing options to get you set up quickly and efficiently.

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Looking to purchase your own unit, but need some time to make the payments? Our rent-to-own packages allow you to provide quality service to your customers, without a large up-front cost.

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Genmega Onyx

genmega onyx atm

Genmega introduces the Onyx series of ATMs for any ATM environment. With an up-to-date look and a feature set sure to impress, the Onyx provides the latest in ATM technology for any market. Whether in a hotel, club or gas station, the Onyx ATM will stand out in a location while still looking financial to encourage transactions.

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Genmega G2500

genmega g2500 atm

Designed for retail and off-premise locations, the G2500 comes loaded with all the features you expect, and also provides additional hardware configuration choices allowing you to custom fit each machine to the needs of your customer or location.

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Hantle 1700W

hantle 1700w atm

Raising the bar for Retail ATMs, the Hantle 1700W provides the all latest technologies and high end features in a modern, elegant design which includes an integrated topper sign.

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Rent or Buy an ATM in Saskatchewan

Are you a buisness owner of any size in any area of Saskatchewan? Whether you're in Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, or any town along the way, we service the entire province for business owners looking to purchase or rent an ATM in Saskatchewan. If an ATM would help increase your business revenue, we'd love to help!